Who we are

Name: Dominique Kolijn

Nationality: Belgian

Languages: dutch, french, english and spanish


My story

Before i moved to Spain I was an industrial pharmacist. I started ambitious and eager to learn with number 1 in original medecines: Pfizer. After a number of years I made a career switch to generic medecines with Teva (at that time number 1 worldwide in generic medecines). I shifted from departments through both companies from registration over sterile production, to quality, production optimalisation and auditing just to be aware of all legislation and challenges within the business.

My dream was to move to Spain and made the step 3 years ago. I started off in a pharmacy but was literally all day long translator and gave me no gratitude. So I decided to take on a new challenge and dive into the real estate world.

As before I had a strategy to not just be “a real estate agent” but a professional one and started off with a big resales company on the coast. Visited law firms and drove lawyers crazy with all my questions. After 2 years I had seen it all and shifted to a Belgian building company and learned every in- and out—about licenses, building qualities, plot regulations and all what comes along with construction of the Costa del Sol.

Because the demand of second homes on the Costa del Sol has grown after the crisis, a lot of people started a real estate company without knowing anything about regions, prices or fiscal and legal regulations on the coast. Out of this "frustration" Immo Costa del Sol was born. We don’t want to be like any other real estate agent, we want to give to people the service and legal background about buying on the Costa del Sol that you deserve. Not just selling anything but selling you something you will never regret and buying the best fiscal way possible given your personal family situation or circumstances.

Name: Evelyn Valk

Nationality: Dutch

Languages: dutch, english and spanish


My story

I'm Evelyn and living on the Costa del Sol for over 6 years now. In Holland I worked for over 10 years at the biggest Insurance Company and bank at that time. (Nationale-Nederlanden and ING Group) As a management Assistant I worked for the Directors and Managers of several departments but mainly Marketing and Sales. I developped myself as a Project Manager and improved my English on a advanced business level. After visiting different countries and several times the Costa del Sol slowly I felt a personal desire to emigrate and to make a life and career change.

After 6 months being in Spain I started to work for one of the biggest real estate companies here on the coast. For 5 years I worked with them what made me to got to know everything about real estate in Spain ,qualifying and assisting international buyers, attending fairs and got involved in the general procedure regarding listing, administration and marketing. As I believe it is good to change after a solid years of working for a company  and expand your horizons and get more information I started to work with 2 other real estate companies.

Being in the real estate business for several years now I have my own vision how to work with vendors and buyers. Personally I believe in a tailor made service for vendors and buyers. If you are searching for a permanent home with your family there are many more factors that are important then only to find the right property, schools, hospitals, sportfacilities, nursery etc. We like to profile you and make sure all the details are clear for you when you decide to buy a house. As a vendor we will give you advise regarding the market, prices  and even underline the selling points of your house. We focus on an unique customer service and assist you through the whole process.